Mark Banks distinctly remembers the crazed sensation that came over him, when at the tender age of ten, Kurt Cobain's Teen Spirit began blaring from his boom box speakers and he knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Like many singer-songwriters before him, the road was a rocky one. At eighteen he was accepted to Cal Arts in Valencia, CA where he studied Music Theory and began classical training in both voice and guitar. Youthful rebellion got the best of him though, dropping out after only one semester to reform his teenage rock band HWY ONE. Living out of their car while touring the great state of California, the highlight of the bands short career was a show at The Whiskey A GO GO in Hollywood. After a brief stint of excessive drug use and generally bad choices, Mark decided to choose a new path.

From the California coast, to the deep south, Mark was given the opportunity to move to Georgia to help his old youth pastor with a church he was getting off the ground. One thing led to another and before he knew it, all signs where leading back to a career in music, only this time through music ministry in the church. After embracing his new title of director of worship at Calvary Chapel in McDonough, GA, Mark then set his sights on completing his degree at Christian Music College.

Finally on the right path, Mark moved back to Monterey, CA, married his childhood sweetheart, formed a new band and began to work on his first full length album in earnest. A world away from his grunge roots, Mark Banks has found his softer, more soulful side and it sounds sweet.